A Legacy of North Carolina Moonshine Perfection

Since before the days of prohibition the “Broadslab” region has been known for the quality and quantity of home-brewed whiskey. Jeremy Norris, Broadslab owner and master distiller, traced his family lines back in order to capture the rich heritage of the region’s famed moonshine when building Broadslab Distillery.

It’s a history rich with exploits, perseverance, and a quality product. Our recipes are the embodiment of this legacy and were passed down by the great-great grandfathers on both sides of Jeremy’s family. One of them, William “Bill” McLamb, was active in the dawn of the Moonshine trade and distilling smooth, sipping whiskey long before prohibition.

But, it was Jeremy’s grandfather, Leonard A. Wood, who passed on the family recipe. As Jeremy’s mentor and personal advisor, he was integral in building the Broadslab still, but passed away before opening. The Distillery sits in the footprints of many of his still sights and his legacy on the family farm outside Benson, NC.

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4834 NC Hwy. 50 South
Benson, NC 27504
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Please enjoy responsibly. 
If you break the seal, don’t get behind the wheel.

Broadslab Distillery produces natural, hand-crafted moonshine, whiskey and rum in Benson, NC. 
The American-made spirits are gluten-free and made without the use of anything artificial. It’s the real deal.